Mon. 8/14/17 0-1 Sets P5 #1-39 odd
Tues. 8/15/17 0-2 Operations with Complex Numbers P8 #1-53 odd
Wed. 8/16/17 0-4 nth Roots and Real Exponents P17 # 1-35 odd
Thurs. 8/17/17 TI Calculator Procedure Review Finish the Pretest

Ch 0 Dictionary

Fri. 8/18/17 Ch 0 Posttest Assessment Ch 0 Test TEST

AP CSP Week of Aug. 14 to Aug. 18, 2017


Mon. 8/14/17

Tues. 8/15/17

1.1.2 Sending Binary Messages Binary Message Devices Activity Guide and Rubric

Unit 1 on Code Studio

Wed. 8/16/17

Thurs. 8/17/17

1.1.3 Sending Binary Messages with the Internet Simulator Coordination of Binary Messages Activity Guide and Rubric

Video – Internet Simulator – Part 1

VideoThe Internet: Wires, Cables & WiFi

Video Guide for Wires, Cables and Wifi

Unit 1 on Code Studio

Blown to Bits, Chapter 1 p 4-13

Blown to Bits (Full Text)

Fri. 8/18/17 Sending Bits in the Real World Sending Bits in the Real World Activity Guide Rubric & Poster

Video – James May

Video –  Science Scrapbook

Video – Andrew Bloom TED

Exploring Real World Data Transmission Systems Presentations & Gallery Walk Reflection

Physics / Aug. 14 – Aug. 18

Mon. Aug 14,


Introduce Chapter 2 – A Mathematical Toolkit

 2-1 The Measures of Science

Khan Academy Video (Scientific Notation)

HW: PP #1-5, pg. 21  
Tues. Aug 15,


2-1 The Measures of Science

Khan Academy Video (Scientific Notation)

HW: PP #8, 12-14, pg. 23  
Wed. Aug 16,


2-2 Measurement Uncertainties

Khan Academy Video (Intro to Significant Digits)

HW: PP #17-20, pg. 28  
Thurs. Aug 17,


2-3 Visualizing Data HW: PP #21, pg. 36  
Fri. Aug 18,


Chapter 2 Review


Review Problems assigned in class

No HW  

Language Arts

These first two weeks we will be focusing on class procedures and familiarize you with the expectations of the class and my style as a teacher. Please refer to the supply list and try to have everything ready by next week. Items such as hand sanitizer and Kleenex are very nice to have, but not requirements.

We will visit the Information Center on Friday to begin the reading competition that will be ongoing this school year.

Mr. Ian Stewart’s Weekly Blog (Aug 14-18) AP United States History

Good Morning Students and Parents,

Here’s a quick summary of where we’ve been so far and what’s coming up this week. Students should expect to be taking a quick assessment this week to confirm that we have effective mechanisms in place to get the students approaching mastery.

  1. What we’ve covered . . .
    • The major geographic forms of the continental United States. These include the two oceans bordering the “lower 48,” major mountain ranges (Appalachian, Rockies, Cascades, Sierra Nevada), the Great Lakes, major plains (the Great Plains, Southern Plains) and major rivers (the Hudson, Ohio, Mississippi, Rio Grande, and Columbia at the very least).
    • Some of the major events in European/Asian history (the fall of Constantinople, the Reconquista) that helped motivate the Age of Exploration and informed Spain’s approach to the lands that they would eventually encounter and conquer.
    • The contrast between Spanish and French approaches to the new lands and people they encountered.
    • Bartolome de Las Casas and the role he played both as a historian of the conquest of the Americas by the Spanish and as an advocate/lobbyist for the rights of the native population of the “new world”.
    • How rival European nations used the Spanish “black legend” as an excuse to compete with Spain for lands in the “new world” even though Spain had been granted possession of all land by the pope through the Treaty of Tordesillas.
  2. Where we are going . . .
    • Contrasting “modes of encounter” of four European nations: Spain, France, the Netherlands, and Spain.
    • How these differing modes affected the lives of various native American tribes.
    • To evaluate how much “blame” the French, Dutch, and British should shoulder for the actions of the Iroquois during the “Beaver Wars”.
    • Why the English got a relatively later start in the exploration/colonization business after the failure of the Roanoke colony.

AP Literatura y cultura del 14 al 18 de agosto

¡Bienvenidos al programa de Español Literatura y cultura!

Recuerden que semanalmente tendrán que revisar este blog para estar enterados de lo que estudiaremos y haremos durante la semana.

En esta semana 1 estaremos leyendo y analizando “El romance del rey moro que perdió Alhama” y “Conde Lucanor” de don Juan Manuel.
Lunes: seguiremos con la lectura y análisis del romance del rey moro. Empezarán a trabajar en la guía de estudio.

Tarea: para entregar el martes 15 cuestionario. Llevar impresa imagen de la rendición de Granada, de Francisco Padilla.

Martes 15 revisión de guía de estudio y cuestionario. Después trabajarán en la comparación de texto e imagen.
Miércoles 16: Examen y entrega del primer ensayo.
Jueves 17: introducción lectura y análisis de “Conde Lucanor”

Viernes 18: trabajarán en la guía de estudio y el cuestionario.


Profesora Jazmín Avilez slide_2

Art Aug. 14 to Aug. 18

Unity Project


Unity Project  Andrea Lara


Students will apply unity by adding a quote to a picture of their choice. They will grid and enlarge their model. Once they have finished drawing their design, they will use mixed media to finish their project.

Historia de las Culturas ( del 9 al 11 de agosto del 2017)

Estimados Padres y Alumnos

Sean todos bienvenidos a este nuevo año lectivo 2017-2018

Será en gusto trabajar este nuevo año con cada uno de los jóvenes desde 6to hasta 12mo grado, mi nombre es Sergio Noel Andino Sierra soy maestro de primaria (ENMPN), licenciado en Lenguas Extranjeras (UNAH), diplomado en formación pedagógica para educación superior (UPNFM), Maestría en Estudios Multidisciplinarios orientados a la educación (SUNY) y actualmente pasante de la carrera de Ciencias de la Educación con orientación en Ciencias Sociales (UPNFM).

Tengo 27 años de laborar en el magisterio y 19 años de trabajar en Discovery School. Yo enseñaré las asignaturas de:

Historia de Latino América I (6 to grado)

Historia de Honduras I (7mo grado)

Historia de Latino América II (8vo grado)

Civismo (9no grado)

Historia de Honduras II (10mo grado)

Desarrollo Socio-económico (11mo grado)

Historia de las Culturas (12mo grado)


Mr. Sergio Andino