Take Home Final – AP United States History. Due date – Monday, December 18 (noon)

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Take-Home Semester Final

AP United States History

Submit Responses Through Google Docs to istewart@discoveryschool.edu.hn

Due Date – 12 Noon, Monday, December 18, 2017

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose any TWO of the following EIGHT numbered prompts and write a comprehensive response to each.

  1. Compare/contrast the “modes of encounter” between the native inhabitants of North America and EACH of the following groups:


  • The Dutch
  • The English
  • The French
  • The Spanish


For each group, you should explain BOTH the general philosophy of how each group interacted with the native populations they encountered and WHY that philosophy existed. The French model of encounter, for example, was at least in part a function of French settlement patterns and French politics at that time. Don’t focus exclusively on the what, put the necessary time into explaining the why.

2.  Compare/contrast the regional character of the New England Colonies (Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay) with the regional character of the mid-Atlantic Colonies (Virginia, Carolinas). Explain WHY these two regions developed as differently as they did: you should consider geography (climate), economics, cultural issues (religion) in framing your response.

3. Give a comprehensive account of the various causes of the American Revolution. Your answer should include some discussion of political philosophy, the cultural differences that developed between the government of Great Britain and its North American colonies, and various economic factors. Your response should demonstrate that the motivations for revolution were present well before the “shot heard round the world” was fired in April of 1775.

4. Regrettably for many, the history of the developing United States of America (going back to colonial times) is a story of the expansion of a predominantly white population at the expense of people of color. This “transfer” of land from one group to another came courtesy of various justifications/explanations. Demonstrate the validity of this claim by utilizing the following events/policies:

  • Bacon’s Rebellion
  • The theory of Manifest Destiny
  • The expulsion of Native Americans from Georgia (“The Trail of Tears”)
  • The taking of Texas, its secession from Mexico, and its annexation by the United States.
  • The Intercourse Act in theory versus how things actually developed.

5. Explain how the conflict over slavery and the structure of the United States government under the Constitution combined to create conditions that led to the crafting of the Missouri Compromise. Evaluate whether this compromise was likely or unlikely to create a lasting solution to what the United States would do with its “peculiar institution” of slavery.

6. Examine the impact of EACH of the following social movements on the culture and character of the growing United States:

  • The Temperance Movement
  • The Second Great Awakening
  • The Seneca Falls Convention
  • The Rise of Abolitionist Movements (“The Liberator” et. al.)

7. Explain the significant social and economic changes to the United States that came as a result of the invention of the steam engine and the cotton gin. With respect to the steam engine, you should give consideration to the steam engine as it is applied to transportation AND the steam engine as it is applied as a power source in a factory.

8. Use the contrast between Shay’s Rebellion and the Whiskey Rebellion as a vehicle to examine some of the fundamental design flaws in the Articles of Confederation and how those flaws were corrected with the creation of the United States Constitution.


Art Dec. 12-15


Students are creating a printmaking project using linoleum and ink as a medium.

Samuel Walsh, and Ruth Chimirri should turn in their projects this week.

Physics / Dec. 11 – Dec. 15

Semester Exam Review:

For the review, you must answer 30 questions from the vocabulary review and do 4 problems from every chapter

  • Chapter 2: Problems #30-46, pg. 39-40
  • Chapter 3: Problems #17-23, pg. 61
  • Chapter 4: Problems #19-32, pg. 78-79
  • Chapter 5: Problems #27-57, pg. 109-113
  • Chapter 6: Problems #20-43, pg. 145-147
  • Chapter 7: Problems #30-48, pg. 171-172

Vocab Review File: Physics Semester Exam Review (Vocabulary)

World Literature / AP Literature & Composition – December 11th – 15th

This week, will continue to prepare for the final exam (Wednesday), which covers material from the first two partials. Students have already been given a copy of a review guide and we reviewed it thoroughly last Friday. In response to the school cancellation, there will be a more detailed study guide that will be posted to the class Google Drive folder and shared to each student via email. This will be posted as early as possible, Monday morning. I will also update this blog post with a direct link when the document is available.

Students are strongly encouraged to reach out to me and ask any questions pertaining to the class materials. I understand the difficulty in having a final exam review via the web, but unfortunately this situation beyond our control. Again, please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I can be reached via email at: gpappas@discoveryschool.edu.hn

I am always available.


Monday / Tuesday (December 11th/12th)  – Review for final exam. Updated / Revised study guides to be posted online and emailed to students.

Wednesday (December 13th)  – Final exam

Precalculus Week of Dec. 11-15, 2017

Supplemental Information from Khan Academy:


Advanced equations & functions

Exponentials & logarithms







Review Days

Online Virtual Classroom (if you have questions I will be available from 8 am -12 pm)


Chapter 1 Review

p 77 -80 #1-67 odd

Ch 1 Test

p 81 #1-24 odd

Chapter 3 Review

p 211-214 #1-54 odd

Ch 3 Test

p 215 #1-25 odd







SEMESTER EXAMS Cheat Sheet must be turned in with semester exam Notebook Due Day of Semester Exam

Answering a question from AP US History

I think it was Ian who asked if there were any Civil War battles in Texas. Even though I’m sure you all Googled the information the second he asked, I just wanted to confirm that the answer to this question is “yes”.

The information below is provided by the US government agency charged with preserving the history of these sites, so as I do you should find this source trustworthy.

Civil War Battles in Texas – United States National Park Service

AP CSP Week of Dec. 4-8, 2017

The schedule still holds as shown below.  Use Code Studio to complete your tasks.  If you have any questions I will be available during our regular class time 10:50-11:45 am using Google Hangouts or you can contact me via email or whatsapp.

Please use the link below:




U3L9: Looping and Random Numbers Unit 3 on Code Studio

Tutorial – Loops – Video (download)









U3L10: Practice PT – Design a Digital Scene Code Print – Create PT Code Formatting

Practice PT – Written Responses – Student AP Response Template

Design a Digital Scene – Project and Programming Rubric

Design a Digital Scene – AP Rubric

Design a Digital Scene – Project Guide

Unit 3 on Code Studio

Pre-Calc Week of Dec. 4-8, 2017

We will be continue with the flipped classroom format this week.

If you have any questions, please use Google Hangouts in a virtual classroom.

Please use the following link to access Google Hangout:


We will work on lesson 3-5 Modeling with Nonlinear Regression.   I will also be posting some video tutorials of the examples for those of you who want more guidance.  So please update the page frequently.

These are the pages for the notes and assignments:

IN p 96: 3.5 Notes continued EX 1-6 (link to video below)

EX 1-3 Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xcw3oxHUV3uespICgVhgJ-afz4CVWx6G/view?usp=sharing

EX 4-6 Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LAbgqwPFgl9-uh86aM4QCRHbA6MwTd3c/view?usp=sharing

IN p 97: p 207-210 #1-30, #52-54 all

If classes resume on Wed. it will be to review the last two lessons for the last quiz (Thurs. 12/7)

IN p 98: Study Guide and Practice WS

IN p 99: 3.4-3.5 Quiz

Please make you have your assignments and IXL (from the last lesson only, Precalc F.10, F.12).

Friday – Tuesday (Dec. 8, 11, 12) are Review Days for Semester Exams

For those of you who want to get a head start on the reviews:

IN p 100-101: p 77-78 #1-67

IN p 102-103: p 81 #1-24

IN p 104-105: p 211-214 #1-54

IN p 106-107: p 215 #1-25

World Literature / AP Literature & Composition. December 4th – 8th

Please note, this is a continuation of the blog post from last week with a few date changes. 

Due to the school cancellation, World Literature students should focus on the following this week:

  • Brave New World: Chapters 10-13  (as assigned in class on Tuesday)
  • Students have been sent a Take Home Test on chapters 10-13 via email. It is also shared on the class Google Drive. This is due on Thursday, December 7th.
  • Begin outlining Chapters 14-15. The notes for the chapters have been sent via Google Docs and are available to the class on the Google Drive class shared folder.

Please note, we will be finishing the book this week in preparation for the final exam next week. Take advantage of this time to read ahead. Study notes for chapters 16-17 will be posted and shared via email on Monday, December 4th.

I am available to answer any questions about the reading through email.

Due to the school cancellation, AP Literature and Composition students should focus on the following this week:

  • Finish the poetry reading/questions assigned last Tuesday in class.
  • New Poetry Worksheet. A worksheet has been sent to all students with instructions.  Please bring the completed work to class next week for discussion.
  • Poetry Writing Assignment. Students will be sent instructions for a poem writing assignment on Monday, December 4th.

Mr. Pappas