November 20th-23rd: World Literature / AP Literature and Compostition

World Literature

This week will continue to read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. We will review the exam from last week. Students will be reading chapters 10 & 11 for homework this week. We will also be discussing major themes in the book and spend time analyzing the text.

Important Dates:

11/20 – Homework: Read Chapter 10

11/21 – Homework: Read Chapter 11


AP Literature and Composition 

This week we will continue with Unit 4 of the AP Curriculum: Introduction to Poetry. Last week we looked at poetry reading techniques and began reading poetry. This week we will continue to look at and dissect poetry from the Renaissance. On Wednesday, we will review presentation techniques.

Important Dates:

11/6 – Homework: Poem Analysis


AP Lang and Comp August 22-26

We will review the rhetorical devices quiz on Monday and finish up the video analysis. Then, we are moving on to analyzing text. You should read “We Can Afford to Give Parents a Break” in the Language and Composition textbook. We will discuss the analysis and then you will read the analysis the book gives. You will also read the Einstein text on page 9. On Tuesday or Wednesday, we will analyze political commentary by watching Stephen Colbert and analyze visual images with political cartoons. Thursday is Rhetoric Ridiculousness with Olympic news, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump. We will finish the week with a timed assessment using the Princess Diane texts starting on page 30.

Ms. Cara AP English Presentation 2016/2017

AP Lang and Comp August 15-19

We will continue working on procedures this week, particularly with our daily vocabulary bellringers and with coded reading. You will take a pre-test for literary devices on Monday and you will have a quiz on these words on Tuesday. We will begin rhetorical analysis this week by analyzing music lyrics.

I am providing the Google Presentation that I use every day in class so that you are always informed and up-to-date with what is happening in class. Once you click on this link, it will always be saved in your “Shared with me” file in your Google Drive.

Ms. Cara AP Lang and Comp Presentation 2016/2017

AP Lang & Comp August 10-12

Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These first two weeks we will be focusing on class procedures and familiarizing you with the expectations of the class and my style as a teacher. Please refer to the supply list and try to have everything ready  by next week. Items such as hand sanitizer and Kleenex are very nice to have, but not requirements.

We will visit the Information Center on Friday to begin the reading competition that will be ongoing this school year.

Cara Shelton Introduction Letter

AP Literature: May 3-6

AP Literature and Composition exam on Wed. May 4-Good Luck *Please review literary and poetic devices; Practice timed tests; Get rest and a healthy meal leading up to the exam. Read the directions carefully on the test before you do anything.

Begin Film Festival Analysis Series 

Tues-Thurs: Watch “She’s the Man”, comparison to Twelfth Night, work on film review due on Friday

Friday: graded discussion on She’s the Man vs. Twelfth Night, film review due at end of class in a Google Doc