Art Sept 11-13

Unity/ Transparency  Project

Unity and Transparency Projects and evaluations will be graded.


Art Feb 13-17

Concentration Section of the Portfolio


Students must create 12 images; multiple digital images of each may be submitted. 
In these 12 images they must demonstrate a depth of investigation and process of discovery through the Concentration section. (This section needs to focus on details and focus of process concentration; high scores show a thematic focus)

The Concentration section shows the student’s in-depth exploration of a particular design concept. It is presented as 12 images, some of which may be details of works. The stress is on a coherent idea and development of the work, in addition to the artistic success of the work.

Art Jan 30- Feb 3


Students have finished their Breadth Section of their portfolios. They will now begin working on the Concentration Section. Choosing a concentration topic and sketching out thumbnails for 12 unified growing body of works.