Art Nov. 20-22

Breadth Section

Image result for linoleum project

Students are completing the breadth section of their portfolio. They have chosen use printmaking as their final project. They will be using the element of line to create movement.


Art Feb 13-17

Concentration Section of the Portfolio


Students must create 12 images; multiple digital images of each may be submitted. 
In these 12 images they must demonstrate a depth of investigation and process of discovery through the Concentration section. (This section needs to focus on details and focus of process concentration; high scores show a thematic focus)

The Concentration section shows the student’s in-depth exploration of a particular design concept. It is presented as 12 images, some of which may be details of works. The stress is on a coherent idea and development of the work, in addition to the artistic success of the work.

Art Jan 30- Feb 3


Students have finished their Breadth Section of their portfolios. They will now begin working on the Concentration Section. Choosing a concentration topic and sketching out thumbnails for 12 unified growing body of works.