Art Feb. 20-23

AP Art students have been working on Unity Projects and their Concentration Projects and will continue to do so.


Andrea Martinez ” Concentration”


Ruth Chinirri ” Concentration”

SamWalshConcentration#1 L_ 7in W_ 5.5in

Samuel Walsh ” Concentration”


Aisleen Turner ” Unity Project”


Art Feb. 12-16

AP Studio Art Concentration

Due dates for students projects:

Adriana Martinez: Monday February 19 ( Acrylic Light Study #3)

Samuel Walsh : Monday February 19 ( Graphite Light and Surface Study # 2)

Ruth Chimirri: Thursday February 8 ( Mixed Media, Life Cycle # 1)

Art Jan. 22-26


Students have been working very hard on individual projects. It is wrong to overgeneralize what students have been working on, due to the fact that each artist has his/her own individual style and voice. Students have achieved to apply different elements and principles of art as well as different mediums.

Examples of students work for the breadth part of the portfolio 

Ruth Chimirri


Samuel Walsh


Adriana Martinez