Art Jan 7-11


Students will begin working on their Concentrations. Concentrations are a unified body of works that explore an idea or topic.

Below is an example of a rationale for a Concentration. Take a notice of the elements that are being scored.

Rationale for Score

In this concentration, the student has created a series of visually compelling feminist symbolic drawings.

In this Sustained Investigation (Concentration) section:

  • The concentration topic (“Ideas of oppression and stereotypes are communicated in my drawings. The birds are representational as both the oppressed population of women throughout history and the society that is degrading women.”) and the work presented are unmistakably and coherently integrated.
  • The investigation of the concentration topic provides convincing evidence of informed decision making and discovery. The student uses composition and surface manipulation to develop and present ideas.
  • The concentration clearly demonstrates an original vision, innovative ideas, and risk taking. The traditional handcrafts (stitching and embroidery, associated with women) are used both formally to draw and metaphorically to communicate the condition of women. Furthermore, the red thread is used to move the viewer’s eye across the space, connecting the images and creating emphasis.
  • An evocative, engaging theme is sustained through all the work.
  • The work is technically excellent; materials and media are used effectively to express ideas. Drawing conventions (rendering form, line quality, mark making, surface manipulation, and light/shade) are at an excellent level.

For more information about concentrations and their rationales got to :


Art Dec. 3-7

The Murals of Diego Rivera: 

Students have been working on creating a collaborative mural. They will take advantage of this hands-on learning activity to learn about famous muralist Diego Rivera. Murals will help students learn more about a popular Mexican artist while also creating their own art focusing on everyday life. This art project is designed to be hand in hand with creating an actual mural for a complete cultural experience.

Art. Nov 26-30

Song Fest Mural 

This week all students will be creating collaborative art by painting a tropical inspired mural for the Song Fest.

mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other permanent surface. A distinguishing characteristic of mural painting is that the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture.

Art Nov. 12-16

AP Studio Art

AP students are working on individual projects. Jose Manuel Ruiz is working on social political commentary. Santiago Zelaya is working on a Self- Portrait. Laura Salazar and Alma Martinez  will be preparing for the ABSH ART competition this Friday.

Art Oct. 29-2

AP Studio Art

unnamed (4).jpg

Students will finish their projects. Each students is working on an individual project. Laura Salazar will present her sketchbook studies. Santiago Zelaya will present his Transparency Project. Jose Manuel Ruiz will continue to add value to his Self-Portrait Project using ebony and graphite as a medium.

Art October 8-12

Present artwork for critique

It is important to keep mind that when looking at an art piece an art students should be objective, observant, analytical. When making comments about an artwork they should be backed up with rational basis for art appreciation. The following worksheet is basic but useful for this particular purpose.