Writing Workshop May 16-20

Your final papers are due this week- NO EXCEPTIONS. Wednesday, May 18th. You should have two printed copies, stapled. One of the papers will be graded by Ms. Emilia and Ms. Cara. The other paper will be a reference the judges during your presentation the week of May 23rd. Do not forget to sign up for a time to present or you will be given a time by us.


Writing Workshop April 25-29

Your goal is to have a finished paper this week. Each day you should be rereading your paper. We will be meeting with you one-on-one every single day and having progress checks as well.


Depending on the progress of your paper, you may be asked to get one more person to edit your paper next week.

Writing Workshop: April 18 to 22

Monday: First draft due, editing and revising of draft

Tues-Friday: Continue editing, revising, and working on paper.

*Prepare for next week: This week please ask two native or fluent English speakers (teacher or working professional) to assess your papers and give feedback. You should ask them this week to be respectful of their time. Do NOT wait until the last minute to ask someone to edit your paper. By Friday, April 22 you should be able to tell us who is editing your paper. This will be a grade.

Writing Workshop April 11-15

Your first draft is now due MONDAY, APRIL 18TH since we are out of school on Friday for a holiday. This week you should be writing at least one page a day. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE AND SAVE THE WORK FOR THE WEEKEND. Starting on Monday, we will be having individual 15 minute conferences to look at your papers together. You signed up for these times last week.


Writing Workshop: Mar. 14-18

Monday-Friday: Continue working on your papers. Remember we will be checking your progress each day for 1-2 paragraphs completed by the end of the period. We will work with you to provide feedback. Do not forget to incorporate in-text citations with your sources in MLA format.

Check your email to view calendar of due dates for the paper.

Writing Workshop: Mar 7-11

Monday-Friday: Continue working on your paper. You should have completed the annotated bibliography and outline. If you are not done, please finish these assignments sooner than later. Please see the previous links on the blog to find information on the outline and annotated bibliography. You received a sample PDF of the annotated bib in your email weeks ago.

We will have random progress checks throughout the week. Use your time wisely in class. Bring all devices, chargers, and notebooks as a backup to class.

Remember: You are expected to have at least 1-2 paragraphs written each day to receive full credit for your progress.

Writing Workshop: Feb. 16 to 19

TUESDAY: Continue working on Outline due on Wed. Feb. 17; Draft 2 of your Annotated Bibliography is due on Feb. 24. The PDF attachment about how to create an Annotated Bibliography was resent today, Feb. 16. Please check your email.

If you have not made corrections to your works cited page, you MUST do that before you can complete the Annotated Bibliography successfully.

Link 1 Annotated Bibliography 

Link 2 Annotated Bibliography

WEDNESDAY: Outline Draft 1 is due by end of class today; continue working on Annotated Bibliography due Feb. 24

THURSDAY and FRIDAY:  Annotated Bibliography; continue working; Remember it is due Feb. 24 in Google Docs

Writing Workshop : Feb 8-12

MONDAY:  Annotated Bibliography due; mini-conferences to discuss revisions all week; We will be in the info center most of the week, but please come to class with devices and chargers in case.

TUESDAY-FRIDAY: We will work on creating an outline for your paper. Visit this link and use the format to create your outline. You may NOT begin your paper without first completing this outline. Outlines are due on Feb.17, Wednesday.